News server INN and Solaris 2.3

News server INN and Solaris 2.3

Post by Mushfiqur Rahm » Thu, 21 Apr 1994 05:56:01


  I been trying to install news server INN to my Sun Solaris 2.3 but I am
  geting some error while compiling with GCC. Is there anybody out there
  who compiled INN with gcc and can help me with this problem?? I will
  appreciate the help. Thank you..

Mushfiqur Rahman
University of Texas at Austin

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1. Setting up a news server (C News or INN)


I've been trying to set up a news server on my Linux system and have
tried with both C News and INN.  The problem I'm having is that I want
to set up a daemon-based system that will only be used for posting
articles to USENET.  I will not be requiring the server to collect new

As far as I can see, the CNews and INN systems only have documentation
on setting it up with Demon Internet.  I'm not so stupid that I can't
modify the config for my own system, but I'm having a helluva time
trying to do this.  I've read the HOW-TO docs, the files on the CD in
the slack-docs directory and gone through as many different combinations
of configurations as I can and I'm still lost.  

Would any really kind/nice/guru type persons out there who can give me
the location(s) of other documentation/news servers/large steel axes
please reply to this message?  This is really urgent so a quick reply
would be great.

If you require any more info, please e-mail me at



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