Reducing log files

Reducing log files

Post by Paul Johnsto » Wed, 19 Apr 2006 21:15:36

I've been asked to clear some space on a mail server as the logs are
filling up the partition.
I've not had a Unix role in many years now :-(  but seem to remember
that instead of deleteing files i.e.

rm mmcheck.log

I was told to do

Quote:> mmcheck.log

This way the file is not deleted but its contents are emptied. I sort
of forgot, or more never likely knew what exactly this does to a file.
Could some kind person give me a clue as what is happening.
Doing this with my ordinary account on a file gives me:

Invalid null command

TIA Paul


Reducing log files

Post by Casper H.S. Di » Wed, 19 Apr 2006 21:27:50

>Doing this with my ordinary account on a file gives me:
>Invalid null command

Wrong shell :-)

This, I think, works for all shells:

        : > filename

":" is generally the "empty command"; the shell evaluates its arguments
and the redirections; but it does not execute any command.
(It works in sh, csh, tcsh, zsh, ksh, bash)

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to opinions held by my employer, Sun Microsystems.
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Reducing log files

Post by Lion- » Fri, 21 Apr 2006 23:59:02

Quote:> Could some kind person give me a clue as what is happening.

Apart from Casper's comments you might also want to look into the "logadm"
command, this can help you cycle your logfiles and removing them after a
certain amount of time.

Groetjes, Peter

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