HELP: NFS MOUNT through mount( ) syscall

HELP: NFS MOUNT through mount( ) syscall

Post by Vijay Kum » Wed, 16 Nov 1994 01:55:31

Need help in mounting a NFS file system on Solaris 2.2 using the "mount()"
system call.  I wrote a function which successfully obtains the file handle
but after that the mount( ) system call is returning EINVAL. Here's what
I am doing.

The man page has the following info about the mount command:

     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/mount.h>

     int mount(const char *spec, const char *dir, int mflag,
                 /* int fstyp, const char *dataptr,  size_t  datalen  */

The following are my args to the mount system call:

error = mount( "", "/mnt/star", MS_DATA, "nfs", &nfs_args, sizeof(nfs_args) );

The nfs_args structure defined in /usr/include/nfs/mount.h looks like this:

struct nfs_args {
        struct netbuf           *addr;          /* file server address */
        struct netbuf           *syncaddr;      /* secure NFS time sync addr */
        struct knetconfig       *knconf;        /* transport netconfig struct */
        char                    *hostname;      /* server's hostname */
        char                    *netname;       /* server's netname */
        caddr_t                 fh;             /* File handle to be mounted */
        int                     flags;          /* flags */
        int                     wsize;          /* write size in bytes */
        int                     rsize;          /* read size in bytes */
        int                     timeo;          /* initial timeout in .1 secs */
        int                     retrans;        /* times to retry send */
        int                     acregmin;       /* attr cache file min secs */
        int                     acregmax;       /* attr cache file max secs */
        int                     acdirmin;       /* attr cache dir min secs */
        int                     acdirmax;       /* attr cache dir max secs */
        struct pathcnf          *pathconf;      /* static pathconf kludge */


I am setting addr, hostname, netname and fh. My flags only contain NFSMNT_SOFT.
The rest of the fields are NULL.  The system call returns EINVAL.  Is there
anything else that I need to set or do to get it working?

Any documentation?

Thanks in advance.



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