replaced nis client -> had to reboot nis master?

replaced nis client -> had to reboot nis master?

Post by Stuart Marsha » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I recently replaced a sparc5 with an ultra1/140 using the same name
and ip address.  I had the new machine all set so the swap only took
about 5 minutes.  But the new machine appeared to hang at the ypbind
stage of booting.  I ended up rebooting the nis master and then rebooting
the client again.

Should I have expected this behavior -- and if so,  how do I restart
the nis master safely without rebooting?  I tried kill -1 on ypserv
and /etc/init.d/rpc??? stop/starts but it needed a reboot.



1. Would NIS+ master work with NIS+ & NIS Slave?????????

If anyone have try this combination please let me know if it work..

Here is my Question.  Again would it work if I have this combination:

One machine is NIS+ master server and the other is run NIS+ & NIS compatible mode as a slave for
NIS+ master server domain.

Any sugguestion will be appreciate

Thanks in advance

Yoom Nguyen


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