Making things bigger in CDE (Sol9, sun4m sparc)

Making things bigger in CDE (Sol9, sun4m sparc)

Post by Don Mille » Mon, 05 Aug 2002 10:43:12

Hello all:

Just installed S9 on my sparc (a late SS20) a couple weeks ago, and I've
run into one customization I can't seem to pull of - hope somebody here
can help.

I guess I want to do the opposite of what most people do - I want to make
everything on the screen (text, xterms, Netscape, etc) in CDE larger (and
easier to read) - and so far, it's eluded me.

I have tried setting the resolution lower in the OBP output-device
variable, but the only two settings that I can get to work are 1024x768
and the native 1152x900 - all others cause it to fail very early in
booting. So, it seemed like setting the dpix and dpiy values lower ought
to do it, using xdmconfig and/or Xsun - but this S9 install doesn't seem
to have xdmconfig, and Xsun -dev framebuffer <any option> returns an error
"Graphics adapter device framebuffer is of unknown type". The framebuffer
is apparently not a true Sun one - it's marked LSI on the chip, instead of
Sun, but for all other purposes it has always seemed identical to the
basic one common on late sparc systems (I forget the letter designation).

There just has to be a place for setting this in CDE, but I sure can't
find it - any help gratefully accepted. And a CC to me via e-mail would be
helpful; we're switching USENET feeds shortly, and may be down.

TIA for any info,

Don Miller


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