Parallel port on Classic - Experience settin up?

Parallel port on Classic - Experience settin up?

Post by Greg Wooda » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 06:06:52

Does anyone have experience setting up a printer on the SPARC Classic
parallel port?



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1. RELIABLE Parallel port printing (SS10/Classic etc)

I've now solved my own problem, by writing a simple C program 'sbpp'
(by analogy with stty) which sets the parallel port timeout to a larger
value. For the same reasons that stty works, this works fine, since:

(a) does no parallel port ioctls
(b) access problems are avoided since the device is already open and connected to stdout in the interface script
(c) settings remain current until the device is closed

This now appears to have made Ghostscript printing completely reliable - what
a hassle relieved! If anybody would like to use this, the source code, together
with a small patch to the interface script, can be found on



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