laptop+network card+PCMCIA stuff

laptop+network card+PCMCIA stuff

Post by Bernard Perri » Wed, 08 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have installed Solaris 7 on my laptop (HP omnibook 4100)
and everything works fine, except the network card.

I have a 3COM589 (3CCE589EC) network card. I ordered a 3C589D
but got this one (probably the 3C589D isn't available any
more). Could this make problem?

The card isn't detected by pcmciad. After having plugged this
card, I got with "prtconf -D":
    pci, instance #0 (driver name: pci)
        pci103c,2, instance #0 (driver name: pcic)
            pcs, instance #0 (driver name: pcs)
        pci103c,2, instance #1 (driver name: pcic)
            pcs, instance #1 (driver name: pcs)
        pci-ide, instance #0 (driver name: pci-ide)
            ata, instance #0 (driver name: ata)
                cmdk, instance #0 (driver name: cmdk)
            ata, instance #1 (driver name: ata)
                sd, instance #16 (driver name: sd)

But nothing with pcelx comes up. I got an email from
Stuart Biggar (a previous question in the news) saying:

Quote:> Before you get a 3C589 (I use the D version but others including
> the new equivalent from 3Com), make sure that you can get
> PCMCIA stuff to work.  Sun doesn't support CardBus so your
> notebook bios must set the controller into the old 16-bit PCIC
> mode.

However, my BIOS (PhoenixBIOS) doesn't allow to change this setting.
Is this point crucial and how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.



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Hi and thank you for reading this message.

I have a Dell Inspiron 3200 laptop and would like to run Linux Mandrake 6.1,
the installation was successful apart from the network card configuration.

The card does not get detected, using the lsmod command I get the following:

I82365  28808  1  (uninitialized)
Pcmcia_core  51904  0  [i82365]

What does this mean ?

If I restart the pcmcia service with:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/pcmcia start I get an error from cardmgr, I think, saying
that the device or resource is busy.

Should the system respond with a beep when the card is removed ?

Has anyone successfully installed either a 3Com 3C589C or
Xircom PS-CE2-10 10M pcmcia Ethernet cards, I have both these cards for
possible use with Linux.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in anticipation,

Phil Howe

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