ipdptp0 interface kills NIS+

ipdptp0 interface kills NIS+

Post by A. Bake » Sun, 29 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I'm having a bit of a problem getting my PPP interface up.  Actually
the PPP link is up, but for some reason it interferes with NIS+.

Solaris 2.4 (patched with Sun recommended)
Using aspppd
NIS+ server is also the PPP client

ipdptp0 ->   Assigned by ISP
le0 ->

We have a registered Class C address (204.228.154).  NIS+
works fine when ipdptp0 interface is not up.  When I do a NIS+
call, I get (from snoop):

      client -> server       RPCBIND C GETADDR prog=100300 (NIS+) vers=3
      server -> client       RPCBIND R GETADDR  Uaddr= is the address of the le0 interface of the NIS+ server.
Works fine.

When the the ipdptp0 interface is up. I get:

      client -> server       RPCBIND C GETADDR prog=100300 (NIS+) vers=3
      server -> client       RPCBIND R GETADDR  Uaddr=
                                                       a .1 instead

and the NIS+ client eventually times out since it can't get
a response.  I can't seem to get routing up between the two
interfaces (but how to I route if both are on the same subnet?).

Before we were assigned or own subnet, the ipdptp0 interface was a
node on my ISP's subnet.  (which made sense to me, but my ISP
insists that my_subnet.1 should be my PPP interface)

1.  Does anyone know what might be causing rpcbind to bind to
    the wrong interface on NIS+ calls?

2.  How do I get both interfaces (le0 and ipdptp0) to talk to
    each other?  From the client machines, I'd like to be able
    ping see the PPP interface.  I thought I could just start up
    in.routed, but that didn't do it.  I even setup a static
    route from the ipdptp0 interface to itself.  Still nothing.

thanks for any advice,

A. Baker


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