Post by Prashant Ranad » Fri, 09 Mar 2001 07:43:14

I am running Ultra-10 solaris 5.8
the "nscd" process takes almost the whole CPU and if I "run ps -aef |
grep nscd" I see the time it has taken till now in thousands.
if I kill this process and stop it from starting again by renaming
/etc/nscd.conf then netscape is not able to find the IP addresses for
the hostname.
my nsswitch.conf is "hosts: dns files", I can do a "nslookup
www.yahoo.com" and get a IP address but if I open netscape and try to go
to www.yahoo.com he reports "can''t find server"...
If i start the nscd after creating /etc/nscd.conf then everything starts
working but after some time the nscd starts consuming the whole CPU...
can someone explain this? is there something trivially wrong here? can I
unbind netscape from using nscd and use nameserver for host name lookup?

pl help


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I have a server that ncsd daemon run and it process causes a elevation
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This problem happen in solaris 9 and nscd.conf is default file.

Let me know:
How configure nscd.conf to the better performance according to
statistics from output "nscd -g" command?


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