ultra10,sol2.8,IDE check this out question

ultra10,sol2.8,IDE check this out question

Post by y_jim542.. » Fri, 28 Dec 2001 10:25:08

This is how i repartiioned my IDE drive on my ultra10 station
for sun solaris 2.8 installation. Drives are internal ST39120A.
1. "ok cdrom -s".
2.format ->partition->priont->modify the all except 2.
3.q  (saved it)
4.q  (save and exit)
5.init 0
6.ok>boot cdrom
7.select c0t0d0s0 "/", c0t0d0s01 "swap", c0t1d0s0 "/opt". as i set it up
this way in format.
8.run the installation.
9.Installation finished without any errors.
10.Right now it is working. All i have to do is to install applications.

df -k reveals / is 7% full and /opt is 1% full. I am not too picky
and that is how i set it up.

Am i on the right track?. is this OK?.

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