I'm getting very strange errors over serial on boot

I'm getting very strange errors over serial on boot

Post by Dan Ha » Mon, 15 Oct 2001 05:23:27

Well, not errors, actually -- it just seems the serial speed or
something is changing and messing up.

I can issue a break and everything is fine, configure anything, but as
soon as it boots and gets past initial checks, I get the following

Executing last command: boot -s

SunOS Release 5.7 Version Generic_106541-12 64-bit [UNIX(R) System V
Release 4.]
Copyright (c) 1983-1999, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
configuring network interfaces: hme0.
                                     Hostname: cvs-2
                                                    The / file system







Any ideas?  I'm clueless...


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The machine is an old P133 ICL ErgoPro, but runs Windows 95/98 OK so I
know it will boot.

Any ideas???



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