SMC-8003 problem on Solaris-x86

SMC-8003 problem on Solaris-x86

Post by Enrico Badell » Wed, 09 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Don't laugh, but I am trying to get an old SMC-8003 Ethernet card
working on a 2.5.1 box. It worked fine under 2.4; during the 2.5.1
installation it wasn't recognized so I pluged in a 3COM board to get
the whole thing working.

Then I did a add_drv smc, devlink etc. and the board inits almost
correctly since I can see the MAC address with ifconfig. When I ping
a host on the network I can see the arp packets, using snoop from
another machine, but the SMC-8003 does not hear the arp reply packets
that are arriving. Sound like an interrup problem; so I pulled out
all the boards except the SVGA and SMC-8003 that is now running at
IO=280H and IRQ=5 (default values). The strange thing I noticed is that
prtconf tells me that instance 0 of snm has no drivers attached while
instance 2 has a driver.

Any suggestion (other than junking the board)? It's becoming a personal
thing between me and Solaris!

Thanks in advance


1. SMC 8003 Card problems

Howdy helpful Linux folks...I hope someone can help me with this one.

I'm trying to install a SMC 8003 compatible card in my Compaq to use
Ethernet (Thin).  I'm running Slakware 1.2.13 (one of the first ELF
distributions).  I compiled in the 890x drivers and when I booted it
seemed to detect the card fine at IRQ 7, IO address 0x280 and memory
0xd000-0xd1ff (which is all correct).  This setup runs correctly on a
Windows 95 installation in a different partition so I can rule out such
things as loose cords, bad port, etc.  

Of course, nothing works; network is 'unreachable'.

Interstingly enough, when I try 'ifconfig eth0', it tells me (among other
things) that the base io address is 0x290, despite its previous (correct)
assurances that it was 0x280.  An attempt to change this via 'ifconfig
eth0 io_addr 0x280' results in 'SIOCSIFMAP: operation not supported on
transport endpoint', which is opaque as far as I'm concerned.

Any takers?  I can provide more info if anyone needs it.  I prefer email
but I'll try to check the newsgroup.

Thanks, folks!


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