How to dual boot Windows XP and Solaris 7

1. Dual boot Debian and XP "boot failure" using XP boot loader

I've installed debian on 4 logical (at least that's what i've told
cfdisk to do) partitions (should be sda9 to sda12 ??; my HW config is
120GB hd on promise uata controller, dvd on ide0 master [so for linux:
hda], cd-rw on ide1 master [so hdc]) and created a boot floppy from
which i've extracted the bootsector and placed it on my fat16 boot
partition (sda0 ?? [will Linux see my promise ata as scsi??]). Then
i've added the line c:\bootsect.lnx="Debian Linux" to XPs boot.ini.

Now i get the message "boot failure" when i select Linux from the XP
boot menu.
I guess the Linux boot loader is looking for the boot image (vmlinuz
Where is it? Or better, how can i tell this to 'bootsect.lnx' ;-)

Booting from my rescue floppy still works fine, also booting XP!



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