Solaris2.3 doing PC fs serving.. setup suggestion?

Solaris2.3 doing PC fs serving.. setup suggestion?

Post by Jason Gabl » Thu, 02 Jun 1994 06:31:27

        I have a local ethernet with one sparcLX running Solaris 2.3 and many
PCs. The people who I am setting this up for want, as one of the function the
sparc, it  to do file system serving.  

        The best idea that I have come up with so far is to just run PCNFS
and let all the PC's mount that partition from the sparc.

#1)  Is that a good idea?  Are there snags I am totally unaware of?

#2)  Should the partition be a ufs partition?   Is it possible to make it
        a pcfs partition?  (I'd rather leave it as ufs and lets PCNFS do
        the translating... this will also allow people on the unix site
        to beat the 8+3 ms-dos filename consitrction).



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Also, I can't mount my win95 partitions: no support for vdos file
systems in the kernel.

What to do?

I've built kernels in older Slakware systems, but don't know what to do in
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the kernel sources on the CD seemed to be 2.0.30+, and uname -a tells me I'm
running 2.0.18.


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