Configuring Hard Drive SCSI Bus

Configuring Hard Drive SCSI Bus

Post by Eric Bres » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 02:12:10

I have recently been working on a Solaris 7 system, on an Ultra 10,
with an external hard drive enclosure with a hard drive installed.

I believe I may be having some conflicts between the hard drive I have
installed and the SCSI bus that I connect to the work station.  In
other words, I think I have an Ultra Wide scsi hard drive installed
with the enclosure connected in a non Ultra Wide SCSI cable.

In the process of using the system, it seems to delay for some time
while some of the internal settings are creonfigured.  I figured this
based on messages which appear.

The messages in question contain a number of WARNINGS, referencing the
pci bus in question with the following messages:

WARNING <interface>
SCSI bus DATA IN phase parity error
WARNING <interface>
Target <n> reducing sync transfer rate
WARNING <interface>
SCSI bus DATA IN phase parity error
WARNING <interface>
Target <n> disabled wide SCSI mode
WARNING <interface>
Target <n> reverting to async. mode

Where interface is the actual interface being used and n represents
the SCSI address for the hard drive in question.

In the process of looking around some, I find reference to the glm
driver (which is indicated in the above mentioned interface), I find
that in glm.conf, in one of the /kernel subdirectories, allows for
some additional configuration.

What are the necessary configuration options I need to content with
and how are these set?

Will setting any of these risk any disk corruption due to incorrect
data handling (if I say to operate one way when I have it set
incorrect and/or incompatible with the existing equipment)?

I look forward to more details..

Eric Bresie


1. Replaced scsi hard drive can no longer find scsi tape drive

My Linux system had a hard disk crash just recently and I had to
replace the hard drive.  I did so and installed a "brand-new" copy of
RH 7.2 on it.  Previously it was running RH 6.2, but since I needed to
catch up a bit, it seemed like now was as good a time as any.....
The system is now up and running.

Now, I would like to restore my backup tapes on to it.  The system has
a HP SCSI DDS-3 tape drive on it, which I have used with tar to keep

The problem is Linux is no longer "seeing" my tape drive.

So, I look for the device file, and it looks "ok"

And I look to see if the device is known:
Ooops, no tape drive, just a disk.  

Am I missing support in the kernel:
Well, the kernel seems to know about scsi tapes.

I also checked the physical connections to the drive and they seem "ok".

I'm not certain what to check next.

Suggestions would be appreciated.



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