printing in solaris 2.6

printing in solaris 2.6

Post by dita » Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Since we installed solaris 2.6 from time to time when checking
the printers queue using lpstat we recieve core dump per all
printers, when removing the contents of /var/spool/print
directory and reseting lpsched all is back to normal.

Do you have any ideas why and a soulution?

        THanks D.J.


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I have an solaris 2.6 machine that I need to be able to config. to an hp
laserjet 4 plus.  It has a jet direct card.

I can run all tests from hppi, no problems. I can print test pages, no

I can print from the command line when logged in as the user.
But, when I try to use the print tool, or print screen, which I need, (that
is what the user needs to print), I get an error on the printer saying...
invalid pers

Thank you

It is using the net_lj4x drivers.
I have tried with and without the post script cartridge inserted into the

Is there something I am missing on the printer?

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