Solaris 2.5 and FDDI problems

Solaris 2.5 and FDDI problems

Post by Tammy Gran » Wed, 26 Jun 1996 04:00:00

        We are having a network (FDDI) related problem
with a subset of our Solaris 2.5 systems.  I would
appreciate any advice or patch recommendations you
all might have. I would be happy to summarize back
to this news group if I get some useful answers.

FDDI connectivity just goes errors and no
obvious problems.

The problem is occurring on SUN 670MPs w/Crescendo
FDDI cards running solaris 2.5 and SUN Ultra's 170E
w/Crescendo FDDI cards running Solaris 2.5.  What happens
is that intermittently the interface just disappears.
If you do a netstat it doesn't see any of it's neighbors,
it can ping itself but noone else. None of the other
systems on the ring can ping it. There are no error
messages and everything looks fine. We have tried
"unplumbing" then "pluming" the interface, ifconfiging
the interface down and then back up.  Nothing short of
a reboot fixes it. (We have applied a pretty extensive
set of patches, which I will post if requested)

(NOTE: We have 2 other Ultras w/crescendo fddi and a
Sparc20 w/crescendo fddi that are not having these
issues.  They are on the same fddi ring and running
Solaris 2.5.)

My Network Manager suggested that we apply a giant
packet patch.  I know there is one for SUNOS 4.1.3_u1.
Does anyone know of a patch for Solaris 2.5 that will
handle the giant packet problem? Or has this supposedly
been fixed in solaris?



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 I have a problem with DLPI on Solaris 2.5.1 for sending
 messages over FDDI. As solaris seems to not implement SAP
 filtering, we use the RAW mode and packet filtering (pfmod).
 This works fine on Ethernet but I have some troubles for
 configuring the pfmod device on FDDI. Any advice ?
 Moreover, with the normal mode (non RAW), I were not able
 to send any packet (either on ethernet or fddi) ...

 Thanks in advance.


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