Read/Write Optical Disk?

Read/Write Optical Disk?

Post by Anthony Muti » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 15:55:41

Hallo netters,
I am looking for references for R/W Optical disk drives for the Sun
that will work with Solaris. What choices for price and performance do
I have?

Thanks for all the help.



1. ReWritable Optical Disk written on PC, read on UNIX?

I have a question concerning the feasibility of reading a ReWritable
Optical disk (written on a PC with 512byte sectors) from a UNIX
machine (Sun SPARCstation 10). Does anyone have experience with
purchasing similar drives for each platform and exchanging disks
between the machines? Connecting them over a network is possible, but
due to the large amount of data being written (300 Mb to 600 Mb daily)
we would rather not burden the our network with this kind of traffic.
The big questions that I would like some feedback on are:

1) Can Rewritable Optical disk be exchanged between PC and UNIX

2) Are there any particular brands of Rewritable Optical drives that
   SysAdmins would recommend for this task.

3) Can a PC written Rewritable Optical disk be mounted on the UNIX
   filesystem and be accessed easily?

4) Are there any tricks that I should be aware of to make this
   transfer work properly?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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