SPARCompiler c 3.0 and SPARCompiler C++ 4.0

SPARCompiler c 3.0 and SPARCompiler C++ 4.0

Post by Dalia Gell » Sun, 21 Aug 1994 07:31:43

        Is anyone using the latest versions of the SPARCompilers on Solaris 5.3 ?
        Does it seem to anyone that C++ 4.0 is overly strict, and complains on just about anything, and that code that compiled fine on C++ 3.0 no longer compiles ?



1. Rogue Wave Standard C++ Library 1.2 and SPARCompiler C++ 4.1

        I'm compiling the Rogue Wave Standard C++ Library 1.2 straight
        out of the box using SPARCompiler 4.1 on Solaris 2.5. I get a fair
        amount of compiler errors.

        Rogue Wave tech support hasn't gotten back to me yet so I'm
        wondering if anyone else has compiled it succesfully without
        extensive source modifications?

        Specifically, some typedefs (like argument_type in class unary_compose)
        seem to baffle the compiler as if it couldn't handle the scope
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