automount won't mount /usr/share/man

automount won't mount /usr/share/man

Post by Tim » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 13:31:15


I've run into a bit of a snag with the automounter, and I don't quite
know what else to do.  Both the client and host are 2.3.  Automount is
working on everything *except* automounting /usr/share/man.  No
error messages or anything -- it's like it doesn't know it's suppose
to mount that filesystem.  I can successfully mount it manually
though and run 'man'.

# Master map for automounter
/net            -hosts          -nosuid
/home           /etc/auto_home
/-              /etc/auto_direct

/usr/local              palermo:/usr/local
/usr/apps               palermo:/export/usr/apps
/usr/answerbook         palermo:/export/usr/answerbook
/usr/man                palermo:/usr/share/man

Answerbook and other apps automount and run fine.  Someone point
me in the right direction?

thanks for any info,

tim ma
systems analyst/rollerblade crash test dummy
DIGIT labs, university of utah

phone:  (801) 581-6491


1. Mounting Linux /usr/man to SunOS /usr/share/man

Hi there!

I have been able to mount my linux root volume to the
Sun 1+ that we have here.  Works like a charm!

I went to mount my linux:/usr/man to the sun at mount point
/usr/share/man because no man pages are installed on our
Sun (not enough disk space anymore).

I used the command:

mount -o soft -t nfs linux:/usr/man /usr/share/man

I can chdir to the area and see the appropriate subdirectories
where everyone has read access to the files.  The instant we try
to read a man page (i.e. man routed), the connection locks up and
we must reboot the linux box.  In the mean time we get a timeout
on nfs connection error.  What gives?

Any comments, or hints?



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