in patch 102980-07 in patch 102980-07

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  I installed patch 102980-07. I did not find any in this
patch. I tried it and it seems that it dosen't support mx record. My
old version of sendmail did.

 Sould I do anything special in use mx feature in this sendmail? Or
this patch does not support mx?

  Pls mail to me

Thanks a lot.



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I've installed the sendmail patch 102980-07 which part of the 2.5
Recommended patch series.  It replaces /usr/lib/sendmail and
Unfortunately, I was using to route my mail - Since I use
DNS I need that to deliver to MX addresses, right?

Anyway, there was no included in the patch.
Any recommendations? ( other that use another mail package - I want
this system to be as plain Solaris as possible, to test for porting
onto customer machines).

Manufacturing and Design Integration Dept
GM Research and Development Center

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