Post by Rei Shinozu » Thu, 15 Mar 2001 00:46:53

i have a 1st gen ultra 10 as a home machine into which i'd
like to put in a PGX32 card.
at work i have an ultra 5 with a raptor card (24+8).  i think
the PGX32 will have the same functionality to deliver 24 bits
1280x1024 plus 8 bit overlay.

the pgx32 should be no problem to install and configure, right?

thanks for the advice.



1. monitors supported on the pgx32 frame buffer

Hello all,

InfoDoc 19527 (from SunSolve) suggests that the pgx32 card doesn't
"officially" support the new 21" monitor (part number 365-1399-01).

I suspect that the document predates the first shipments of the monitor.

Can someone from Sun comment on what monitors are supported with the
pgx32 (and also get this infodoc updated)?

Also, are there any successors to the pgx24/32 in the works?


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