system name (uname)

system name (uname)

Post by Nico Tjandr » Fri, 26 Mar 1993 12:33:17

    Does anyone know how to change the system name? I seemed to have
inadvertently change the name somehow. Everytime I type uname I get the
hostname instead of the systemname. Forinstance, uname -a gives:

austin austin 5.1 Generic sun4m sparc

The hostname austin seems redundant in the above line. This results in
alittle problem when starting license manager or any program that check
for operating system. I would appreciate any pointer to the right
direction. Thanks..


1. changing system name (uname -S not valid)

has anybody had to change their system name?  I've installed slackware3.00
and get the response 'Linux'  from a uname.  The problem I've got is I'm
testing a package compatible with Interactive, SCO, and a whole bunch of
other Intel Unix's that uses the system name for security. I'm using ibcs2,
so the parts that aren't 'secure' work just fine. However, the rest won't.

uname won't actually do the change for me. (unlike SCO or Interactive) so
where do I change it?  There is no systemid in /etc (again like SCO) so
what holds the system name?  (I tried adding one just for SCO compatability,
but that didn't work)

sorry for all the references to the s-word, but that's what I use at work.

Any help would be appreciated....

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