*** HELP ***Solaris 2.4 vs. SunOS*** H

*** HELP ***Solaris 2.4 vs. SunOS*** H

Post by Kevin Clar » Tue, 06 Jun 1995 04:00:00

>Use the accelerated X lib called direct Xlib. There is a full documentation in
>the AnswerBook about installing it. It will accelerate X redraws by a factor of
>2 (but some programs might behave differently, you're told how to start such
>programs to use the normal library in the documentation).

Direct Xlib is actually slower for normal desktop usage than the default
Xlib in /usr/openwin/lib. Direct Xlib is only faster if the application
you are interested in in doing lots! of drawing.

This has been the case since Solaris 2.4. The differences become more stark
with Solaris 2.5 and your transport set to :0. Continuing to rely on the DXlib
product is a lose from a performance perspective.

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1. *** HELP ***Solaris 2.4 vs. SunOS*** HELP ***

We have about 20 Sparc 10's that were running SunOS4.1.3.  We were
very happy with their operation.  We changed to Solaris 2.4 because we
thought that would assure continued tech support from Sun.

Here is the Problem:

Solaris 2.4 is not as fast as SunOS 4.1.3.  We need the speed and not
the overhead that 2.4 gives.  We have a requirement from some of the
engineers to have multiple windows of images open at once and to
cycle through them in a time limited fashion.  SunOS use to cycle
through them with no problems (i.e. maybe 12 screens). Solaris will
not let us cycle through the 12 screens like SunOS - the screen
redraws are very slow - SunOS the screen redraw was a flash.

I would really appreciate it if some knowledgeable people would
email me with there input -

We need to make a decision pretty quickly on what to do. Here
is what we are considering:
        1. Should we have made the move over to Solaris 2.4?
        2. Will SunOS limit us in any way in the future?
        3. Are there any advantages in 2.4 vs. 4.1.3?
        4. If we go back - should we use 4.1.4 instead?
        5. What in the world is Sun doing with two OS's?
        6. Is there a study or white paper that someone
            has put together?

Please all you guru's out there email me - WE NEED HELP!

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