Daylight savings time - setup

Daylight savings time - setup

Post by Rainer Kirsc » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I need additional information for the correct setup of the daylight savings time in Sun Solaris:

I got the information about following entry in the /etc/TIMEZONE file
(which is actually a link to /etc/default/init):

1. When and by which programme will this setting be read?
2. Is this setting syntactically correct?
3. Are there any necessary prerequisites to implement this setting correctly?
4. Do I have to trigger the setup manually?

Many thanks in advance
and best wishes for easter
Rainer Kirsch


1. Daylight Savings Time Setup (How?)

Is it possible to have my linux system (running the Slackware Dist with
kernel version 2.0.22) automatically set my system date/time when the
(daylight savings) time actually changes??

(I apoligize for not knowing if the "daylight savings time changes" is a
global activity or not...oh well...enlighten me...)

If so, please explain how I would go about setting this up.

Thanks in advance!


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