tip reports "all ports busy" on a not-at-all busy modem

tip reports "all ports busy" on a not-at-all busy modem

Post by Abu Zala » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 21:34:00


    I'm running Solaris 2.3 on a SPARCstation 5.   Yesterday tip started
reporting "all ports busy" when I tried to access my modem.   I can't figure
out what to do about this.   My modem is on the "a" serial line (/dev/ttya,

can access the "b" serial line with no trouble.   All the permissions
and ownerships of the myriad filenames for the "a" device are the same as for
the "b" device.   I know that tip makes a lock entry in /var/spool/locks,
but there is nothing at all in that directory when I have this problem.
I've rebooted many times, to no avail.   I've also rebooted with the -r
switch, and forced the system to rebuild the device entries in the file
system.   That doesn't work either.    If anyone has seen this problem or
has an idea about how to cure it, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.

                                                        Thanks for any ideas

                                        Caltech Submillimeter Observatory


1. tip: "all ports busy"

Hi Folks,

Our eyes are bloodshot from reading manuals, internet faqs, and from
the clock waiting for Sun service to call back. So please hear now our
for help:

When we try to tip to /dev/cua/a, we get "all ports busy"

A ttymon process is somehow involved, if we disable the port monitor
or otherwise get rid of the ttymon processes, we can tip.

But we have to have ttymon on the port, it is a bi-directional modem
and we can't get into it from outside without ttymon running.

Things we've tried, from Sun support, Sun info docs, and Celeste's page:

1. "fuser -f /dev/cua/a" and "fuser -f /dev/term/a" list no processes
using the
devices, nothing to kill or disable there.

2. No lock files are found in /var/spool/locks

3. Even a simple "tip -9600 /dev/cua/a" gives the same failure.

4. Permissions and ownership for the device files is good (uucp, 666).

5. Deleting and remaking the port monitor (zsmon), the service, and the
devices didn't help, even using Celeste's add_modem script.

Additional information: the problem is consistently repeatable on a
Tatung Ultra. On an Ultra 1, sometimes tip mysteriously works for
a while, even with the port monitor running. We're running Solaris
2.6, with a good patch level (6). The problem happens whether there
is a modem attached or not.

Truss of the tip process shows it can't open /dev/term/a, due to EBUSY.

I'd sure appreciate some help with this. Perhaps there is a way to come
in on the port without using the port monitor?

Thanks in advance,

S. K. Stevens

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