Solstice Backup 5.1 and two tape drives

1. Solstice Backup 5.1 / DMO 2.1/Oracle 8.1.5: Tape backup failed : Need of 5.5 Upgrade ?


we have the following installation:

Backup Server with

Solaris 2.5.1
Solstice Backup  Server 5.1

Backup client with

Solaris 2.6
Solstice backup Client 5.1

DMO (Database modules for Oracle) 2.1 with the last Patches, which
should give the possibility of scheduled backups

Oracle 8.1.5

Our Problem is:

we cant make a tape-backup with allocate ...'sbt_tape'  startet over
rman. backups to disk are running fine.

Starting a backup over nwadmin we get an error, because there is no
given a user.

Has anybody made a tape-backup from rman or nwadmin, without upgrading
to Solstice Backup 5.5?



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