How to decide the number of /dev/cWtXdYsZ under /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk?

How to decide the number of /dev/cWtXdYsZ under /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk?

Post by B. Wa » Sat, 19 Feb 1994 01:23:34

Hi solaris experts,

my question maybe is too easy to answer, but I dotn't know.
I know the meaning of the devices files under directories /dev/dsk and /dev/rdsk.
However, I don't know how W, X, Y, Z are defined. The manual said that if the system
has one controller, then W is always 0. How can you find out that the system has only
controller? Does the system automatically
define these number when you system is connected with disks? Or, you must decide
them by youself? If so, how can you decide these number (X, Y, Z)?

Many thanks in advance!

Bing Wang

Please e-mail me for the answer. Thanks again