STREAMS DLPI specification

STREAMS DLPI specification

Post by Joerg Miche » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 19:37:44

From the dlip(7) man page:

     For details on this  interface  refer  to  the  <sys/dlpi.h>
     header and to the STREAMS DLPI Specification, 800-6915-01.

I've been ordering the specification about 3 month ago at our local Sun
representative, nothing happend since then.


1) Does the Sun DLPI differ from the UI DLPI Specification (I actually
   smell some "value adds", but ...) ? If so, can somebody enlight the
   differences ? Even better -

2) Could somebody show a way to obtain the Sun Specification electronically ?
   (I've been sniffing on sunsite and opcom, it's not there!)


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