megaraid 428 on sparc solaris 8

megaraid 428 on sparc solaris 8

Post by chen » Sun, 01 Oct 2000 04:00:00


We will buy an ULTRA Sparc 10 next week,
I try to install solaris 8 in this machine,
can I also use AMI Megaraid 428 (pci bus)
in this machine?

Please Help.



1. Dell PERC AID card / HP NetRAID d4943a /AMI megaraid 428

Hi, my group just got a new server with a dell PERC raid card.  I'm
having trouble getting linux to see it or its results.

Dos's fdisk can see the logical drive setup by the RAID card without
special drivers.  However, linux's fdisk doesn't see anything on the
normal devices - "fdisk -l" gives me nothing, and /dev/hda or sda can't
be opened.  I was wondering if there are other devices I can probe to
see this logical drive?  What other /dev devices can Dos's fdisk see?

Or maybe I actually need a low level scsi driver for this card.  Has
anybody else used a Dell PERC / HP NetRAID d4943a /AMI megaraid 428
RAID card with Linux?  Apparently there's a driver for the "Vines 6.0
server" - but I'm not familiar with it's unix.  If anyone has a driver
for one of these cards or any advice on getting linux to see it I'd
really appreciate hearing about it.  I'd hate to have to put NT on the
new server.  
Alternatively, there are two recognizable Adaptec scsi controllers in
the machine.  If i could get them to see the raid card's logical drive,
that would be great too.  Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

           Cory J. Hill
Caltech Department of Applied Physics
 Mail Stop 128-95, Pasadena, CA 91125

      Office Phone 626-395-4877

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