Solaris 2.3/FDDI "Don't Fragment"

Solaris 2.3/FDDI "Don't Fragment"

Post by Peter Maurice-Jon » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 13:26:36

I have a 2.3 SS-2000 on FDDI which keeps on crashing when nfs is
occuring to an IPX running 4.1.3 over an FDDI/ETHERNET bridge.

After investigation I discovered that the "Don't fragment" flag = 1
in all the Solaris 2.3 nfs packets (this has the annoying side effect
of crashing the machine).
I passed this info to Sun who sent me the command:

ndd -set /dev/ip ip_path_mtu_discovery 0

to disable the "Don't fragment" flag (ie: set=0).  This works but
I am left still knowing that this is not a true fix.

Can someone out there explain to me the correct mechanism for
the setting of the "Don't fragment" flag.  I feel that the bridge
should be returning ICMP packets when large FDDI packets with
the "Don't fragment" flag = 1 try to cross the bridge.
However - this does not explain why my 4.1.3 690 runs fine on
FDDI (it's "Don't fragment" flag = 0).
Obviously Sun has changed it's FDDI/NFS Software implemetation
from 4.1.3 -> 5.3


1. Solaris 2.3 "No directory" "No shell"

I'm running SunOS 5.3 on a SPARC 10. We are now getting
"No shell" or "No directory!" errors whenever we log in.
(rlogin, su, login, ...)

We can cd to the directory so we know there's no problem.
We can execute the shell and change to it.

A "truss su - randerso" stops with:
# tail /usr/tmp/truss.lis
poll(0x0003C0B0, 1, 120000)                     = 1
getmsg(4, 0xEFFFE994, 0xEFFFE988, 0xEFFFEA04)   = 0
close(4)                                        = 0
setgroups(4, 0x00031438)                        = 0
setuid(4540)                                    = 0
chdir("/u/randerso")                            Err#13 EACCES
execve("/bin/bash", 0xEFFFFDE0, 0x00023464)     Err#13 EACCES
write(2, " s u :   N o   s h e l l".., 13)      = 13
lseek(0, 0, 1)                                  = 30284

That EACCES error appears to be false.
# ls -ld /u/randerso /bin/bash
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     other    1661324 May 15 09:25 /bin/bash
drwxr-xr-x 113 randerso users       5632 Jul 13 17:01 /u/randerso

Any help and/or insight will be appreciated.

Lew Randerson


Lewis E. Randerson
44 Scott Lane                         phone:609/921-2553 FAX:609/921-3487

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