xmame.x11 on Sun Ultra5/Ultra10...

xmame.x11 on Sun Ultra5/Ultra10...

Post by G. Lo » Tue, 20 Aug 2002 12:16:20

Hi! Does anybody know a fix on how to correct the choppy, scratchy sound
effects from xmame.x11 on Ultra5/Ultra10s? The same program produces
great sound effects on an Ultra2 though...!

G. Low


1. Ultra10 , Ultra5 memory bus differneces.

Hi All.

I wrote an application on Ultra-10 machine and when I run it on Ultra5
machine , the application
is crashing on bus error ( Invalid address alignment ) although on
Ultra10 it's running good !!!.

My questions:
 - Why my application crashing on bus error on the Ultra5 platform and
not on the ultra10 platform ?
 - Is the bus of Ultra5 different than the Ultra10 bus ?
 - Is there's a way to fix bus problems so my application would run on
both machines ?

A N Y  help will be appreciate ,
please replay to:

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