application call stack on SPARC v9

application call stack on SPARC v9

Post by Michael Schmid » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 16:22:15


I found some information about application call stack display at where
some code was provided.

Can this also be used on the v9 architecture and how do I find the frame
pointer register there ?



1. Packets from bottom of TCP/IP stack direct to application bypassing stack

Hello Everyone

I am working on a ADSL modem and have the following situation that I
would like to have some advice on.

I need to filter out some packages in the lower level of the network
stack. There are 2 types of packages: [eth | ppp | ip | udp] and [eth
| ip | udp], the data in these packages are the same and they can be
identified with the first 16 bits in the UDP data.

I have manage to catch these packages in the /net/core/dev.c file and
function netif_rx(...) with the 16 bit ID so I have the packages.

Now for my question: How do I in an easy way get these packages
directly to my application without using the network stack. I need
BOTH of these packages to reach there and if I use socket the one with
PPP get thrown away somewhere and that is not so good.

I know this is not a very specific question and a little vague but
some advice and pointers would be appreciated.


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