Q: vold is not running and crontab/ed

Q: vold is not running and crontab/ed

Post by u126068.. » Sun, 29 Jul 2001 00:33:20

I stopped the vold then brurned a cd. Then i rebooted the system and
now i see the vold is not running.
i do ps -ef|grep vold and see only the grep vold entry. Either the
vold is not running or the output of th ps command is not right.
actually, i retarted the vold and still the same output as previously.
only grep vold entry..??
and how do i make crontab -e to launch vi editor intsead of ed.

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Q: vold is not running and crontab/ed

Post by Alan Coopersmit » Sun, 29 Jul 2001 00:54:11

|and how do i make crontab -e to launch vi editor intsead of ed.

'setenv EDITOR vi' or 'EDITOR=vi ; export EDITOR' depending on your
shell.  'man crontab' explains this in the section for the '-e' option.


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