event ports support in Niels Provos libevent

event ports support in Niels Provos libevent

Post by Yusuf Goolamabba » Tue, 05 Apr 2005 23:09:13

Has anybody attempted to provide support for event ports in Niels Provos
libevent library


libevent is available as a system library in NetBSD/OpenBSD and is also
used in memcached which is used by Slashdot/Wikipedia

This has support for /dev/poll but I believe that event ports should be
more scalable than /dev/poll in Solaris 10.

Regards, Yusuf


1. epoll support in libevent-0.7

I just released a new version of libevent that supports Linux new
epoll mechanism; see


The page contains some performance comparisons for different event
notification mechanisms.

The library supports platform independent high performance network
applications.  It chooses the fastest notification mechansims
supported by the operating system.

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