lsof for Solaris 10 zones (s10_b51)

lsof for Solaris 10 zones (s10_b51)

Post by Victor A Abe » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 20:03:32

In order to compile with Solaris 10 zones, now available in the s10_b51
release, lsof needs a source patch, supplied to me by Mike Miscevic.

The patch may be found in this 'B' edition lsof 4.71 pre-release for

The above distribution contains some other Solaris changes, described
in the 4.71 stanza of 00DIST and documented in other lsof files.

The 00FAQ file contains two Q&As related to Solaris zone support:
17.24.1 and 17.24.2.

As is customary, the edition suffix of an lsof pre-release distribution
can change without notice.  So if you don't find the above distribution,
look for one with a higher suffix -- e.g., 'C', 'D', etc.

Vic Abell, lsof author


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According to Casper Dik the <sys/cred_impl.h> #include of <c2/audit.h>
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I've built an edition 'D' lsof 4.70 pre-release for Solaris (only) that
works around the problem.  The distribution is available at:

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