Help-102066-09 doesn't like - mail's down!

Help-102066-09 doesn't like - mail's down!

Post by Thom Theriau » Sun, 11 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I just backoutpatch'd 102066-04
Did installpatch of 102066-09
Here's what I get:
./installpatch .
Generating list of files to be patched...
The following validation error was found:
ERROR: /etc/mail/
    file size <9134> expected <9112> actual
    file cksum <29851> expected <28819> actual

See the README file for instructions regarding patch validation errors.

Installpatch is terminating.

I've seen this before with the /etc/system file before - I just cp the
original back in it's place. However I don't have an original with a size of 9134  and neither do the 3 other machines
I keep.

Any help, suggestions? I'm at a loss.