Creating Attractive App. Icons

Creating Attractive App. Icons

Post by Devon Tu » Sat, 17 Sep 1994 09:41:10

Our company needs to create some 32x32, 64x64, and maybe even 128x128 pixel
icons, in color as well as monochrome for our product.  I see that "iconedit"
can be used to create simple black and white and color icons, and that
icontoppm can be used to convert that to other formats, however I would like
to see our icons have antialiased graphics, shading and other spiffy features.

Question:  What do you use to create attractive icons?  What do you use to
convert them to .icon, .im8, .xbm, and other simpler formats from gif, tif, etc?

Is 32x32 the de facto standard, or 64x64?  What does COSE define?

Thanks for your help in this,
  Devon Tuck


1. Icons, Icon veiwer and Icon converter

Dear Newsgroup,

Looking for the following:

*  Sites and directories for icons that I can use in the toolbar when setting
    up new buttons in X
* An icon viewer for linux and I heard that you are able to get an icon
  converter from somewhere which allows you to convert icons from a Windows
  format *.ico to a format in X

Thank you to all.


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