PPP with Solaris 2.5

PPP with Solaris 2.5

Post by Donald S. Dunba » Mon, 15 Jan 1996 04:00:00

With the help of a few kind suggestions from some of you out there, and
a lot of time spent looking through the Answerbook I have managed to
successfully connect to my ISP using PPP on my Sun SS20 (Solaris 2.5).
For the benefit of those still struggling to do this I will attempt to
summarize the steps that I took.

Basically, there a whole bunch of files that need to be set up.  These


One by one I will list the changes I made to each of these files.  I
don't promise that this will work for anyone else, but it should at
least provide a place to start.  I'm also sure that my solution is not
unique.  The pages in the Answerbook under TCP/IP and PPP are invaluable
and explain what all these files and options mean.

Note that my ISP provides dynamic address allocation upon connection.

1. File: /etc/hosts

Added two lines: one for my machine and one for the ISP:
---     oar.net    isp.net
oar.net is my machine.  isp.net is a name for the ISP.  The address for
oar.net is made up (its irrelevent because of the dynamic allocation).
The address for isp.net must be the correct Internet address for your

2. File: /etc/uucp/Systems

Added one line:
isp.net Any;0   ACU     38400   5551212 ogin:--ogin: oar%PPP ord:\s XXX
This says that the connection is via modem (ACU) at up to 38400 baud
(this rate must be selected from a list of supported speeds).  The phone
number and login sequence for the ISP follow.  See the Answerbook for
more details.

3. File: /etc/uucp/Dialers

This file probably doesn't need to be changed much.  I used the entry
for "hayes" that was already there.  You can add your modem specs if

4. File: /etc/uucp/Devices

Added one line:
ACU cua/a - Any hayes
This links the hayes modem to the "a" serial port which must, of course,
be configured separately as a modem port using admintool.

5. File: asppp.cf

Added the following lines:
ifconfig ipdptp2 plumb oar.net isp.net up

        interface ipdptp2
        inactivity_timeout  1800
        negotiate_address on
        peer_system_name isp.net
        debug_level 1
Note: debug_level 8 is very useful for checking how things are working.
A log file is written in /var/adm/log/asppp.log.

6. File: resolv.conf

Added 2 lines:
domain isp.net
7. File: /etc/nsswitch.conf

Changed one line:
hosts:  files dns


When you reboot your machine the modem should dial out automatically and
the asppp service should start.  I use the commands "asppp start" and
"asppp stop" while logged in as root to start and stop asppp services

Try "ps -e |grep asppp" to see if asppp is running.  If not, then try
"asppp start."  Then try "ping isn.net 100." You should get a message
"isn.net is alive" if all is well.

That's about it folks!


PPP with Solaris 2.5

Post by Jonathon Wolf » Sat, 27 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I thought I might add that I followed these instructions word 4 word, they
work perfectly! Efforts like this one are exactly what makes the Net one of
man's greatest developments. When people stop rehashing the pointless "My OS
kicks your OS's ass" arguement and make an effort to help each other, much
cooler stuff can happen! Donald, many of us struggling DOS weenies owe many


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