Help converting a Solaris StandAlone to an OS Server

Help converting a Solaris StandAlone to an OS Server

Post by Kurt Ramsde » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm trying to convert a Solaris StandAlone system to an OS Server so I can
add AutoClient support. When I try to install the sparc sun4u OS service it
stops with an error; SUNWdtwm is a different revision than what's on the
drive. I tracked the error down to a patched revision of the CDE. Since the
install (I used boot cdrom - browser) automatically installs the patch
packages without backing up the original files, how can I get around this?
Is there a switch so it does not install the patches, or even better, is
there a way to get around this error so I can just install this service?



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Hi all,

is there a recommended way of converting a Solaris2.4 system that
was originally installed as "standalone" to "server", so it can
support diskless/dataless clients?  We have one "server" system
here, but would rather use another, currently "standalone" machine for
this purpose without having to reinstall from scratch.

In the event that the installation software doesn't support this type
of upgrade operation I am tempted to just copy the /export directory
tree from the server system to the new server-to-be.  Any problems
with that?

thanks for any hints


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