grabbing console messages - CDE

grabbing console messages - CDE

Post by Brian S. Craigie - Unix SA - NEC - Scotla » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

In a similar vein to an earlier posting,

I get very annoyed, running my Sparc 5 with CDE as an X-terminal, when console
messages come up over the CDE workspace and mess it all up, necessitating a

For example, if I su to root in a dtterm logged in to my machine, it gives the
"su root succeeded" message at the bottom of the screen and "scrolls" the
window up, leaving the windows all messed up.

How can I capture these messages elsewhere?

Any suggestions?  Remember I'm running it as an x-terminal, so if I start a
console window, that looks at my CDE host, not my sparc 5.

(Also, if I look at ~/.dt/startlog, there is a /dev/console permission denied
message in there -- what's that?)

Thanks in advance.


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