Backup Software for SUN Stacker

Backup Software for SUN Stacker

Post by Joachim Frick » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 19:13:06


Any suggestions which backup software (not ufs_dump -l)
to use with the SUN Stacker ?

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1. Backup software for exabyte stackers and Solaris 2.4

I am interested in software solutions to drive Artecon tape
stackers. The stacker is driven with two SCSC-II ports, one for the
robotics and one for the 8500 exabyte.  The units we have are 10 slot
with 8500 drives.  Stackers are essential for us given we have several
file systems in the 30-100 GB range.

I know about "Solstice Backup" from SunSoft.  What other products are
out there that would drive stackers under Solaris 2.4?


-- Dave


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