Saving Application Window Positions in CDE?

Saving Application Window Positions in CDE?

Post by gfos.. » Sat, 24 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone found a way to save the 'window positions' on such applications at dtmail and netscape?

When I start an application after closing it, I always have to resize/move it...  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Greg Foster



1. Issue about automated started of CDE saved applications

I have setup netscape with a front-end script which is called
/usr/local/bin/netscape and which invokes the actual netscape binary
which is called /usr/local/netscape/netscape. The front-end script
mainly sets up the MOZILLA_HOME environment variable.

The problem is that the /usr/local/netscape/netscape binary is
restarted automatically by CDE when users login to the system instead
of calling the /usr/local/bin/netscape which initializes the
MOZILLA_HOME env. variable. Why does CDE save the
/usr/local/netscape/netscape application to start on login instead of
the original netscape front-end script ? How can I force
/usr/local/bin/netscape to be saved upon logout instead of
/usr/local/netscape/netscape ?


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