Solaris x86 and PCNFSPro

Solaris x86 and PCNFSPro

Post by Mike R. Prevo » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 06:38:05

Hi.  I'm running Solaris 2.4 x86 and PCNFS_Pro.  Want only a few clients
to be able to mount my Solaris server with read and write.  I set up a
dfstab entry as follows:

     share -F nfs -o /export/data/DOS_MOUNT

Then I did the shareall and restarted the rpc.pcnfsd.  I can "log in"
to the Solaris host from the WFW/PCNFSPro machine ( but
when I try to mount the dir in the server (umm.  "connect the network
drive" in windows speak) the windows machine says "Could not connect
drive - Network error".  I can telnet and ftp with no problems and
authentication is working.

ALSO: It can connect if I only do:

   share -F nfs /export/data/DOS_MOUNT

on the server  but even though it connects, I can only read -- not write.
Sounded like a permissions problem so I changed the permissions on the
server dir to 777 and still couldnt write.  I DONT want to share the data
in this dir with the whole world so I need the rw= in there.

Anybody get this working?


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We are trying to come up with a division-wide standard for workstations
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visualization, CFD, CAE, etc....this standard is for the middle-of-the
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Can anybody point me to web pages, ftp-sites, etc where I can find
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If you have experiences (maybe opinions as well) please let me know.  This
has the potential of quickly degenerating into a long UNIX-machine vs PC
battle (I'm a long time Sun fan)....BUT I'D LIKE TO FOCUS ON ISSUES LIKE
performance, capability, drawbacks, cost. etc.



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