Redefining viewer for mailtool attachments

Redefining viewer for mailtool attachments

Post by Andrew D Bate » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I have a problem with redefining the viewer for mailtool attachments.

I have used binder to change the application for postscript files from
imagetool to ghostview and the application for .gif files to xv.

This works fine for filemgr but mailtool still starts imagetool for both
types of attachment (and others).

I have changed the personal and network cetables to reflect my choices.

If I make it so that mailtool can not find imagetool (it refers to it
explicitly as $OPENWINHOME/bin/imagetool) then it puts a message up
twice on console saying that it can't find imagetool and then uses my
values from cetables (i.e. ghostview or xv).

As I understand it if it works for filemgr it should be the same for

Is there something I need to set somewhere to tell mailtool to use the
cetables first?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Andrew Batey

System Manager

Royal Greenwich Observatory


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Hi folks,

when I send a binary attachment, like a word doc, from
to my Microsoft Exchange mail account, the attachment comes across
a hitch.  However, when I use the Openwindows mail tool, the message
across uuencoded.  Here's the header:

X-Sun-Data-Type: default
X-Sun-Data-Description: default
X-Sun-Data-Name: burke.doc
X-Sun-Encoding-Info: uuencode
X-Sun-Content-Lines: 698

begin 600 burke.doc

M    ,           $   ,P    $   #^____     #$   #_____________

Is there anyway to tell mailtool to behave like dtmail?

Dave Heafey
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