Cannot Print to /var/spool/print??

Cannot Print to /var/spool/print??

Post by Dave Keen » Wed, 01 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have been printing fine under Solaris 2.5 for months now.
All of the sudden I try to print and it says:

Quote:>lp lpit

Error creating job: check spooling directory: /var/spool/print

I check all the permissions on those directories, they look fine
but just to make sure I change them to 777 on the /var/spool/print
and it then says:

Quote:>lp lpit

couldn't validate local spool area (/var/spool/print)
The console window says:

Oct 30 19:43:01 sparc4 lp[2406]: Error creating job: check spooling directory: /var/spool/print

I have looked at the FAQ and did not see it covered, and the answer book
was not much help. I deleted the printer and started over, same thing.


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doing a ps -ef also shows a printd process running
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I have no idea whats going on. Is it possible that this printd process
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What does printd do ?

how can I investigate why spool files for this one particular printer
are filling up the spool directory ?

any suggestions would be appreciated and yes I am in RTFM mode.........


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