problem with Disksuite on Solaris 2.6 / UltraSparc5

problem with Disksuite on Solaris 2.6 / UltraSparc5

Post by David Ferc » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00


I installed Solaris 2.6 with recommended patches on a UltraSparc5. The
system has 2 IDE-HDD, one with 8GB and the other with 9GB. Now I
configured Solstice Disksuite for mirroring (RAID-1). There are 6 Slices
on each disk and a 5MB one for metadb. The thing works fine, but after
commit a mirror the hole thing processes and crashes. The Mirror-status
will be "urgent", the second drive disabled. Reenabling the second drive
will build the mirror again, but after a few minutes, it will crash

Any suggestiones ?




problem with Disksuite on Solaris 2.6 / UltraSparc5

Post by Kwok N » Sat, 22 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi, I'm not entirely sure of your current setup but, I am a bit
concerned about the "one disk is 8mb and the other 9mb"...

I have seen on my own system here that is you have differing disk
geometries on mirrored disks (i.e. different disk partitions/slice make
up) it causes disksuite to crash and panic dump at randon intervals
during the resync process, worse still if you have overlapping
filesystems (easily done inadvertantly)   where the cylcinders  are
concerned it can also do this despite doing a df -k to see the sizes -

Check those first, since SDS is pretty robust in most cases, failing
that you need to check the status of your metastate db's, if they are
corrupted they could prevent your machine from booting at all or at
least cause all sorts of errors (you need at least 50% + 1 to be able to
boot properly)  .  Delete them if they are and start again...



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