WorkShop 1.1 Solaris x86 Special Offer

WorkShop 1.1 Solaris x86 Special Offer

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              Sunsoft Workshop Available On X86 Platform


 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--March 14, 1995--SunSoft, Inc. today
 announced that SunSoft WorkShop(tm), its award-winning software
 development product suite, is now available for the x86 and
 Pentium(tm) platforms. SunSoft WorkShop for C++ version 1.1 for
 the Solaris (R) x86 operating environment provides developers with
 the tools necessary to create today's mission-critical, enterprise
 applications including a state-of-the-art native C++ language system
 that tracks the latest C++ language definition and the first toolset for
 the development of multiprocessing/multithreaded applications for
 the Solaris x86 platform. SunSoft today also unveiled an introductory
 pricing and upgrade promotion for this new release of the SunSoft

SunSoft WorkShop delivers the tools used by individuals and teams of
developers on a daily basis in a single cohesive, cost-effective package.
Designed for enterprise developers who need to develop and deploy on a
variety of platforms, SunSoft WorkShop supports heterogeneous
multiplatform development and is available on popular COSE-compliant
platforms, including Solaris for SPARC (R) and x86, Novell (R) UnixWare
(tm), and Hewlett-Packard HP-UX (R).

"Using the new version of the SunSoft WorkShop for C++, we were able to
port a large C++ application from SPARC to x86 in one week -- a very
short time period for the large amount of code involved," said Benson
Margulies, manager of platform operations at Object Design, Inc. "And the
port itself was one of the smoothest I've ever experienced."

A Complete Suite of C and C++ Development Tools

The SunSoft WorkShop for C++ for Solaris x86 is a complete software
development product suite with the same look, feel and functionality as the
popular SPARC version and is one-hundred percent source
code-compatible. The SunSoft WorkShop product suite includes:

 o ProWorks(tm) 3.0--individual productivity tools, including support
   for rapid compile/edit/debug turnaround and on-demand runtime
   error detection.

 o ProWorks/iMPact(tm) 1.0--multithreaded development tools that
   enable dramatic increases in performance for mission-critical

 o ProCompiler(tm) C++ 4.0--a state-of-the-art native C++ language
   system that reduces compilation time as much as 300 percent.
   ProCompiler C++ tracks the latest C++ language definition,
   including support for templates and exceptions.

 o ProCompiler C 3.0--an ANSI-standard C language system that
   increases application performance by as much as 15 percent
   compared with previous versions. ProCompiler language systems
   support code optimizations for the Pentium processor.

 o ProWorks/TeamWare 1.0--code management tools to boost the
   productivity of development teams, reducing project schedule and

Multithreading for x86 Delivers Higher Levels of Performance

One of the key new features of SunSoft WorkShop for C++ is
ProWorks/iMPact(tm) 1.0, a powerful tool that enables developers to boost
their application's performance by using the full multithreaded (MT) power
of Solaris for x86. With ProWorks/iMPact developers will be able to view,
set breakpoints and navigate parallel executions of code within the same
application. ProWorks/iMPact supports multithreading of applications
written in C or C++.

Multithreading is particularly beneficial in client-server applications
where, for example, it is necessary to support simultaneous, multiple
database queries to the same or distributed databases.

SunSoft WorkShop--Proven Technology and an Industry Favorite

SunSoft WorkShop offers more functionality than any other development
environment on the market today. It won UNIX Review's "Outstanding
Product" award for 1994 and emerged as the number one C++ development
solution in Advanced Systems' December 1994 review. The environment
addresses the needs of developers who deliver high-quality,
high-performance applications on tight schedules.

Introductory Pricing and Upgrades

Two introductory pricing programs make SunSoft WorkShop especially
attractive to new and existing x86 developers. These limited time offers are:

 o Developer Pak Bundle--From April 1, 1995 until June 30, 1995
   developers can purchase the x86 version of SunSoft WorkShop for
   C++ bundled with Solaris 2.4 for x86 for only $695. This price
   reflects a savings of more than 75 percent compared with buying
   these products separately.

 o Trade Up to SunSoft WorkShop--From April 1, 1995 until June 30,
   1995 users of prior versions of ProWorks or ProCompiler products
   for Solaris x86 can "trade up" to the new version of SunSoft
   WorkShop for C++ for only U.S. $495.

Pricing and Availability

SunSoft WorkShop for C++ for the Solaris x86 operating environment is
available this month through SunSoft's authorized resellers worldwide.
Beyond the special promotional pricing programs available through June 30,
1995, suggested retail list price is U.S. $1,995 for single-user licenses.
Multiple quantity and volume licensing packages and complete upgrade
programs are available. SunSoft WorkShop is also available for SPARC (R)
systems running the Solaris 1 and Solaris 2 operating environments, Novell
UnixWare 1.1, and is currently available in early access for
Hewlett-Packard HP-UX systems. For more information on SunSoft
WorkShop, special promotional pricing programs, or a free "Try and Buy"
30-day evaluation CD call 1-800-SUNSOFT, prompt 1. In Europe and
Asia, contact the local SunSoft sales offices. Look for information on the
worldwide web at

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SunSoft, Inc.

SunSoft, Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, California is a subsidiary of
Sun Microsystems, Inc., with offices worldwide. SunSoft's charter is to
design, market, sell and support the industry's highest-quality software
environment for enabling businesses to gain a competitive advantage
through information systems. The products are licensed by SunSoft and
distributed through major computer manufacturers and resellers worldwide.

Copyright (c) 1995 Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sun, the Sun logo, Sun
Microsystems, SunSoft, the SunSoft logo, SunSoft Workshop, Solaris,
ProWorks, ProCompiler and AnswerBook are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. All SPARC trademarks, including the
SCD Compliant logo, are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC
International, Inc. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based on an
architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. UNIX is a registered
trademark in the United States and other countries exclusively licensed
through X/Open Company, Ltd. Hewlett Packard and HP-UX are
trademarks or registered trademarks of Hewlett Packard Company. Novell
and UnixWare are trademarks or registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. All
other product or service names mentioned herein are trademarks of their
respective owners.


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