Keywords: Sun, zs serial port, 38400 baud limit, V.34 modem (Win95/NT)

Keywords: Sun, zs serial port, 38400 baud limit, V.34 modem (Win95/NT)

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Yes *ia!

If your modem speed is limited by the 38400 speed of your Sun's 'zs' serial port
and if you also have a PC running Windows 95 or Windows NT, try 'WinGate'

This let's your Sun share a modem attached to your PC's high speed serial port,
so your Sun uses Ethernet to talk to your modem via WinGate on Win95/NT.

The WinGate software is free for use by a single client machine (e.g. your Sun)
and the latest version 1.3.08 became available 31st March at WWW address:

Or for related information refer there via


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