Request: Tcsh binary for Solaris 2.4 on Sparc20

Request: Tcsh binary for Solaris 2.4 on Sparc20

Post by Jack Du » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,

I have just set up the Solaris 2.4 on a Sun Sparc20 station..and would
really like to get a compiled version of tcsh (latest version) for it.
Sometimes I rather like to compile stuff myself, but I was kind disap.
because Sun doesn't bundle CC free, nor tcsh.  I cannot even find
whoami command on the Solaris :-(  Man, I guess I am spoiled my
SGI Irix's ton's of flame, please.

If anybody could help me get a copy of the latest tcsh, and chsh, chfn,
whoami utils, I will be very grateful to you.


...still trying to get all the software working 2am in the morning ...


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  We have a new Work Station installing Solaris 2.4 now.
  We don't have CC compiler, but we have GCC compiler.
  Then can we compile TCSH 6.0x version?
  And would you please send me one copy of TCSH suit for
  Solaris 2.4. Or I can't use our machine.
  Can you help me to compile TCSH for Solaris 2.4 (no CC, just GCC)?


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